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A friend needed a Nine/Rose fix of a certain kind. You know how it goes. :)

Fic: Unmade 1/1
I had a dream and turned it into a fic. So it's kind of weird, but I think I managed to work in a plot!

True North 2/?

True North 1/?
It is here, a WIP (sorry, Dev!)

Fic: True North 1/?
Genre: AU
Universe: Doctor Who
Rating: M, eventually, because…
Pairings: Nine/Rose, Ten/Rose, Nine/Ten/Rose I think, because….
Explanation: It’s the “Ranch AU” that Gallifreyburning wrote tags for on Tumblr ages ago. But I got this wild plot bunny and she said I could write it, so I’m going to do that. I don’t think I’ve ever done a real AU before, in the “alternate universe” sense of the phrase. I usually do “universe altered.” But this is one of those AUs that basically just takes the characters and a semblence of who they are and drops them in a coffee shop or a desert island or in this case, the American Western Frontier circa 1910. So if that is Not Your Thing, that’s totally cool, man. For the rest of you, SADDLE UP.

Caveat: I’m writing this slowly, while I am working on other projects. So I will not be updating frequently. (that’s what she said.) Except I really like the idea.

The Idea What if Rassilon was this incredibly powerful rancher, and Ten his academic son, and Rose Tyler the orphan neighbor next door? Man From Snowy River meets Every Western Ever. Co-starring Nine as the reclusive mountaineer/Ten’s brotp, who reluctantly leaves his hermit cave to come help Ten save Rose from his father’s clutches, but totally falls in love with her. Except he knows Ten has a thing for her, so he’s going to manfully step aside. But Rose falls in love with them both, so, what’s a girl to do?! Yes, ma’am, you ARE thinking what I am thinking. Add in a dash of gold mining, water right skirmishes, and some family secrets, and you can see why I immediately started plotting out a thing.

Caveat #2 I’m not picking a specific state. I’ve been researching ranches all over Wyoming and Montana, but I need a big city like Denver for 1910, but I'm not especially fond of expert research, so I am being intentionally vague about the location. So if it seems vague, it is.

Anything else Anything else I forgot or mistakes, msg me and I will answer and/or fix!

Okay. Hope you like it.

Oh, goody!
For weeks, I haven't been able to get into LJ at all. Any time I tried to access my friends' page, I got a virus. Sad! But it seems to be fixed now, so hopefully I can be around this weekend. I miss my LJ lovelies!

Trust Without Borders 1/1 fic for Jer832's birthday!
Rose and Nine
This is a ficlet! As much of a ficlet as I have ever written! I went with a little interlude snapshot, UST, Nine/Rose. Happy Birthday to my beta and my friend. I am so glad I met you!

She falls asleep in his arms. Not on his shoulder as they’re jostled about in the back of a hackney cab. Not curled up on the jumpseat while he fixes the TARDIS long past her bedtime. Not in the bed in her room with its pink sheets and rumpled comforter. In his arms, which is new. Different. Fantastic.

She is so confident about sharing a room when they get invited to stay by the Lord Mayor And Chief Engineer. Typical backwater planet, feasting them one minute and trying to kill them the next. But the ‘run for your life’ part gets cut short when the Doctor repairs their communications tower and Rose takes a shine to the Mayor’s young daughter, braiding the girl’s hair and not even noticing the horrible burns on her face.

So they agree to spend the night as honored guests, and the Doctor can’t even think of a witty quip when the room has one bed, one shower, one loo, one window overlooking the low, rounded mountains. His throat is dry, his heart full when Rose turns her back to him, looks over her shoulder and gestures to her dress. His hands fumble with the first dozen buttons but by the fiftieth one his fingers are flying and Rose is laughing, comparing him to all the ladies’ maids she’s ever had in their time together. To counteract her teasing, he runs his thumb up her spine, parting the silk.

Take it off, he thinks in his head. Let me see you.

But that desire is a coal banked in the back of the fire, a dim light that never rises. Rose flounces into the loo and half-shuts the door, talking the whole time. The Doctor realizes her chatter is a cover for nervousness, but he’s a little mystified as to why she doesn’t just shut the bloody door all the way. He sees the shadows as she undresses and quickly showers. Smells the clean soap and hears her brush untangling wet hair. These are nearly worse intimacies than the feel of her skin under his fingers. He reciprocates by taking off his jacket, boots and socks, leaving him as naked as he trusts himself to get around her. If the room were hotter he’d dare roll up his sleeves to his elbows. Maybe.

“Your turn, then,” Rose says as she comes out of the ensuite. She laughs when he widens his arms, indicating his shocking state of casual undress. “Even Time Lords brush their teeth.”

So he goes in and splashes around a bit, does what needs doing with the door all the way shut. When he emerges, face and neck scrubbed clean, hands wiped dry on his jeans, Rose is already in bed, facing him.

His mind has already calculated the idiocy level of seventeen possible statements, but the truth is merciless and beyond statistics: If he loves her, he takes the floor. If she’s naught but a friend, he sleeps above the covers, maybe whinges about her hogging too much space.

“Come to bed,” she says, and lays down on her back, pulling the chain above her head to drench the room in darkness. The Doctor obeys, and Rose laughs again when his clothing bunches and shifts and catches on the soft sheets.
“I don’t usually sleep in m’trousers,” he admits. “Transdimensional pockets. I think I’m sleeping on the M to Mu volume of Barth’s Encyclopedia.”

“You’re carrying an encyclopedia around? A full set?” Rose is incredulous. She props herself up on her elbow and her damp hair brushes across his chin. “Next time we’re in London I’m buying you a Kindle. Shireen’s boyfriend has ‘em off the back of a lorry, but I’m sure it’ll be fine with a little jiggery-pokery.”

“Shireen’s boyfriend? The one with the hamster on his chin?”

“No arguments from me,” Rose says. “I can’t even pretend to defend that thing!”

And they laugh about unfortunate boyfriends, the king’s fool on Tuliry who shaves his hair in the shape of different zoo animals. Then the talk turns to the Lord Mayor and what are they going to do the next time a hailstorm knocks out their communications center. Is the planet Geocate close enough to trade with, and what would the Mayor’s wife think about dealing with desert people instead of mountain ones? By the time there’s a break in the conversation, his jumper and denims are on the floor. Somehow there’s a sheet swathed around his hips and Rose has the coverlet.

Lord of Time and he didn’t even notice she’d coaxed him out of his armor.

“Goodnight, Doctor,” Rose says, and snuggles close. Her head pillows in the hollow of his shoulder and collarbone, her arms fold up against his side, one leg is thrown over his. She can’t possibly be comfortable like this, twisted up to him like a vine, but her breathing deepens in two of his heartbeats.

The Doctor’s arms go around her and he spends at least half an hour figuring out how tightly he can hold her without her shifting away. He can’t sleep for nuzzling her forehead, smoothing the damp hair away from her face, fussing with the covers until she’s covered exactly up to her shoulders. Finally he presses a kiss to her forehead and lets his head fall back onto the feather pillow. He can’t sleep with Rose Tyler in his arms.

After this night, though…how can he ever sleep without Rose Tyler in his arms?

HMS Gallifrey
Rose and Nine
Fic prompt from Lillibet: AltNine/AltRose, teacher/student, romance/smut

The Winter Season-- ORIGINAL ART (PG-13)
Rose and Nine
My friend Ruby ( draws amazing things, and sometimes she draws Nine/Rose. (like the last one. YOU KNOW WHICH ONE) Here is some artwork she drew off of Ch. 16 of my story "The Winter Season." I am floored, you guys. Seriously stunned and honored and so wicked happy cause look at that! That is what it looks like INSIDE MY IMAGINATION.


Art by ruebella-b
Rose and Nine
This amazing, original art was drawn by my friend Ruby, who has a Tumblr account at:


The Winter Season 29/29 EPILOGUE
Rose and Nine
This is the last chapter of a story that I adored writing, because it started the way it ended: The Doctor and Rose Tyler in the TARDIS, just as it should be. Thank you to jer832 who betaed the tricky parts and held me together, bloose09 for not letting me forget stuff, Rishi_Diams for the mutual love of Nine and general writing encouragement, and to everyone who left a review or an encouragement or a 'keep going, who cares if it turned into a novel.' I'll always treasure your words. Thank you for enjoying mine.

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